For product updates and feature reviews and any other technical analysis.

Procurement Analytics: Making Data-Driven Business Decisions

Companies that prioritize procurement analytics in decision-making achieve tangible ROI improvements that positively impact the bottom line

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e-Sourcing for Trusted Suppliers you can work with

An effective way to find and onboard trusted suppliers who meet your business needs and helps in achieving the company’s sourcing goals

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Navigating Digital Procurement: 14 FAQs to Get You Started

Working on digital transformation in your organization? Here are some important FAQs on Digital Procurement to get you started…

Procure Procurement Scale

The Case for Digital Procurement in Organizations

Digital Procurement encompasses the entire procurement process, from sourcing and ordering to payment and contract management.

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Managing Supplier Price Lists and the System Improvements You Suggested

We have made it easier for your company to directly procure from trusted businesses using pre-negotiated Supplier Price Lists.

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Sourcing and Suppliers Relationship Management in Africa

Experience reduced risks, improved responsiveness, reduced costs & increased compliance when sourcing for suppliers in Africa.

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Managing the lifecycle of RFQs, Purchase Orders & Invoices

Experience a seamless transition from evaluating Request for Quotations to managing Purchase Orders and Invoices, on a single platform

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Scale is your Best Procurement Partner this 2023 – Here’s Why!

We have highlighted just a few of the reasons why. And we are just getting started on #procurement #supplychain #supplychainfinance

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Purchase Orders, Invoices, Suppliers…plus enhanced Dashboards!

Updates on interactions with suppliers during the post-award phase including the handling of awarded bids, purchase orders and invoices.

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Management of Bids & Suppliers, plus more on our release Roadmap

Procure Updates – Making the e-procurement process much simpler with a focus on management of bids & suppliers on the platform.

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Product update: Transforming your entire Procurement Lifecycle

We have made some big changes to our platform by launching two e-procurement solutions called #Procure (for Buyers) and #Supply (for Suppliers)

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Advertising of Public Procurement Opportunities and Tenders

In Kenya’s public procurement, it is a legal requirement to give bidders 14 days to either purchase the tender or download it for free

Find and manage all your tenders from one place, digitally!

It’s time to starting working with technology-based solution; proven to be more cost-effective with a surety of business continuity


11 Important Tips For Applying For A Tender

Here are a few important tips for success when responding to a bid and, in general, participating in public procurement

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One Account, More Businesses, Multiple Users…

You can now add up to 3 businesses under your account, each of which can have their users, documents & tender settings managed separately.

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This is how to manage all your Tender Documents

Scale ensures the latest copy of all the different types of tendering documents are securely stored and easily accessible to yourself and your team members.


Procurement might be Complex but Scale keeps it Simple

We have deliberately built Scale to simplify the tendering process, for everyone.

Digitizing tenders, checklists, documents and processes

The digitizing of tenders, checklists. documents and the tender preparation process will create and maintain consistency and accuracy.

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Introducing the Scale Tender Readiness Index

Scale’s Tender Readiness Index identifies and tracks the most important things your business needs to do or have to be successful at winning tenders.

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Bid With Confidence using the Newly Upgraded Scale

Yes, everyone loves a better experience. From us, this is a big update where we are bringing so many new improvements to you in one major swoop.

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Introducing Subscription Plans and Pricing

Starting 12th April 2021, we will be introducing Subscription-based plans and pricing for all our users.

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Scale New Features…here’s what to expect!

We’ve got something in store for you when Scale gets an upgrade on 12th April 2021. Here are some of the updates to expect in the coming days…

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Scale System Upgrade – Scheduled Downtime Announcement

Sign in to your Scale Account and ensure all your ongoing tenders are completed and exported by 9PM on Friday 9th April 2021 to avoid any inconveniences.

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Tendering? Keep your Audited Accounts on track

These present an independent opinion on your financial statements & helps procuring entities be sure of your business’ financial standing.

Common Tendering Mistakes Scale

To Win New Tenders, Show Evidence of Similar Work Done

Most procuring entities require proof that your business has successfully done similar work either in terms of capacity or of a similar value.

Common Tendering Mistakes Scale

What is “Direct Procurement Method” in Kenya?

Usually the least preferred method as it sets aside the rules that ensure there’s competition among the suppliers. Only used under exceptional circumstances.

Procurement Methods Scale

Here’s what you need to do to access Restricted Tenders

A competitive procurement method that limits requests for tenders to suppliers, contractors or service providers already shortlisted by a procuring entity.

Procurement Methods Scale

Why Open Tenders are highly popular

Open tenders have no allocated minimum expenditure amount whereas the maximum is determined by the budget allocated for the particular procurement. 

Procurement Methods Scale

Do Not Submit Expired Tender Documents!

Renewable business documents tend to be tricky to keep track of and, at times, bidders tend to discover they are using expired tender documents too late in the tendering process.

Common Tendering Mistakes Scale

Scale is in the Finals of the MIT Solve Challenge 2020

Scale has been shortlisted into the final stage of this year’s MIT Solve Global Challenge under the Good Jobs & Inclusive Entrepreneurship category.


Fill in, Sign and Stamp Your Tender Documents!

Can you imagine losing a tender worth millions just because you didn’t stamp or sign the tender documents as requested in the mandatory requirements?

The Case of the Missing Mandatory Tender Documents

Every tender specifies the mandatory, technical as well as financial documents that you are required to submit in order to qualify to win. Section 79 of the Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Act defines this as “Responsiveness of tenders.”

Why Serialization Matters During Tender Submissions

Serialisation is one of those pesky mandatory requirements in every tender document. But it is also the reason most businesses have lost the opportunity to win tenders.

A Letter From Us, The Scale Team

2019 was a difficult year for most businesses in Kenya. Doing business has always been difficult and especially so for SMEs… As we begin 2020, we have been hard at work building a solution that will be integral to your success this year.

Business Procurement Scale

How to Start Winning Government Tenders in Kenya

As a Kenyan entrepreneur, you now have the ability to start tipping this balance in your favor by using technology to fully streamline your entire tender management and response preparation process.

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Experience A New World of Tendering

Visualize a world where your entire tender application process is fully digitized and every step of the tender preparation happens through your laptop, iPad and mobile phone from anywhere in the world.

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