One Account, More Businesses, Multiple Users…

You can now add up to 3 businesses under your account, each of which can have their users, documents & tender settings managed separately.

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Whether you identify as a hustler or not, the one thing that we all can agree on is that in Kenya the hustle is real! Many of us are running at least 2 or more businesses at any one time. Even some of us who are employed also have a side hustle that further supplements our side business.

All this is part of our nation’s thriving entrepreneurial spirit. As we try to take advantage of the finite opportunities available to make some extra money.

Therefore, while working on the system upgrades that we launched in April, it would have been foolhardy if we had not put this into consideration as a key feature to prioritize for our users.

Furthermore, you asked for it enough times and you know we always listen to you 🙂

Multiple Businesses, One Scale Account

So, depending on your subscription plan, Scale now provides the ability to have up to three (3) Businesses under the same account. Each of these businesses can have their related documents and tender settings managed separately.

This means you can have businesses in completely different sectors set up and run from your one Scale account. Pretty dope, right?

And you know what’s even better? You can add users to each of your businesses and collaborate faster when responding to tenders. Now you can truly get more business done!

How to Add a New Business to Your Account

This feature is only available to our premium users under the Scale Pro and Plus subscription plans. If you are on the Starter Plan, you can always log in to your account and upgrade your plan to access this and more resources.

For those in the Pro and Plus plans just log onto your account and click on the Switch Business icon on the main sidebar. You can select to add a business from the pop that appears. You can also access the option to add a business under your account section.


Once you select Add Business, you will be taken through a few simple steps to provide information about this new business. This includes inputting the Business Name and the preferred Categories (either works, goods, consultancy or non-consultancy services). You will need to specify the Keywords of interest (eg video production, audit services, plumbing, transport etc) for which to receive tenders alerts for.

How to Add Users to Existing Businesses in Your Account

Users will get access to only the specific business you choose to add them to. That way, you are able to have more control over who has access to what business, not all your entire Account.

This means you can add different users to different businesses or the same user to different businesses.

To add a user, log into your account, switch to the business you want to add them to and click on the Business Settings on the sidebar. This will direct you to the Business Settings page as shown below:


Navigate to the Manage Users section at the bottom of the page. Input the email address of the user that you want to add and click on ‘Invite User’. The person invited to your business will immediately receive an email with the invite details.

Once they accept your invitation, we’ll give them access to your business to start collaborating with you on applying for those tenders. Easy!

Why this is important in getting more done

These features are important because Kenyan entrepreneurs want to get more work done. And they do this by having more than one business and by working together with others on bidding for tender submissions. But most importantly, because you asked for it; time and again during most of the conversations that we have had with you.

So that’s it! We will continue to develop an environment for collaboration where you and your team can work more efficiently to get more work done. Because this is how your business will continue to win more tenders and grow.

For now, upgrade your tendering by getting a Scale account, adding your businesses and assigning users to them and start collaborating better!


Editor’s Note: In August 2022, we launched a new version of Scale that came with major system changes hence features on our platform may not entirely work as depicted in some of the articles. The rest of the information provided herein remains timely and relevant to all our readers.

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