Understanding public/private procurement policies as well as tendering processes.

Unlocking Trust: Transforming Buyer-Supplier Dynamics with Scale’s e-Procurement Solution

The bedrock of successful business partnerships lies in the trust shared between buyers and suppliers of goods and services. Yet, amidst the intricate dance between buyers and suppliers, cultivating and preserving this trust often proves elusive. This is where Scale steps in, offering a transformational e-procurement SaaS solution poised to

Unveiling the Challenges of Procurement in Africa: Why a Seamless Solution is Imperative

In the realm of business operations, procurement stands as a crucial pillar supporting organizational growth and sustainability. However, across the vibrant landscape of Africa, navigating procurement processes often proves to be a daunting task for companies large and small. From bureaucratic red tape to logistical hurdles, the challenges are manifold,

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Fortifying Trust: Scale’s Commitment to Data Protection in Procurement

Data protection means your procurement data on Scale is shielded from unauthorized access or any potential breaches

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Procurement Analytics: Making Data-Driven Business Decisions

Companies that prioritize procurement analytics in decision-making achieve tangible ROI improvements that positively impact the bottom line

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Navigating Digital Procurement: 14 FAQs to Get You Started

Working on digital transformation in your organization? Here are some important FAQs on Digital Procurement to get you started…

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Managing Supplier Price Lists and the System Improvements You Suggested

We have made it easier for your company to directly procure from trusted businesses using pre-negotiated Supplier Price Lists.

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Procurement

The inclusion in procurement of women-owned businesses can create a domino effect in empowerment, job creation & social growth stimulation.


Sourcing and Suppliers Relationship Management in Africa

Experience reduced risks, improved responsiveness, reduced costs & increased compliance when sourcing for suppliers in Africa.

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Managing the lifecycle of RFQs, Purchase Orders & Invoices

Experience a seamless transition from evaluating Request for Quotations to managing Purchase Orders and Invoices, on a single platform

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Product update: Transforming your entire Procurement Lifecycle

We have made some big changes to our platform by launching two e-procurement solutions called #Procure (for Buyers) and #Supply (for Suppliers)

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Tender specification, offer submission and evaluation of bids

In public procurement, what does the tender requirements, bid submissions and tender evaluation process have in common?

Kenya’s Public Procurement – Key Actors in the Ecosystem

No matter how small or how young your business is, there are many opportunities for you in Kenya’s public procurement

Special Requirements for Bidders Eligibility To Tender

Understanding Kenya’s Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) special requirements for bidder eligibility in tenders

Sourcing for Suppliers and Bidders in Public Procurement?

There are two important avenues through which public procurement entities does sourcing for suppliers and bidders..

Eligibility To Tender, What Are The Requirements?

Eligibility to tender for public procurement opportunities – how to know if your business is ready to participate

Advertising of Public Procurement Opportunities and Tenders

In Kenya’s public procurement, it is a legal requirement to give bidders 14 days to either purchase the tender or download it for free

Rights of Bidders in Public Procurement

Any bidder who intends to work with the government needs to under their rights throughout the procurement process.

e-Procurement in Kenya – Get started with an IFMIS Number

IFMIS provides the ability to digitally accept bid responses and in doing so, accelerate the adoption of e-procurement by public entities.

11 Important Tips For Applying For A Tender

Here are a few important tips for success when responding to a bid and, in general, participating in public procurement

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Procurement might be Complex but Scale keeps it Simple

We have deliberately built Scale to simplify the tendering process, for everyone.

Tendering? Keep your Audited Accounts on track

These present an independent opinion on your financial statements & helps procuring entities be sure of your business’ financial standing.

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To Win New Tenders, Show Evidence of Similar Work Done

Most procuring entities require proof that your business has successfully done similar work either in terms of capacity or of a similar value.

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Community Participation as a Procurement Method

May involve either direct community participation or organized community participation through the appointment of community based service providers.

Procurement Methods

Is Electronic Reverse Auction a transparent and fair process?

Saves time through reduced negotiation times as a set auction date increases the bidder’s ability to meet the procurement deadlines.

Procurement Methods

Making Framework Agreements Agreeable to Public Entities

Utilized where the public entity requires goods, works or non-consultancy services but is not able to determine the exact quantities required at the time of entering into the agreement.

Procurement Methods

How ‘Force Account’ is used as a Procurement Method

Getting work done by a public entity or semi-autonomous government agency using its own personnel & equipment (or hired labour).

Procurement Methods

Request for Quotation is widely used for AGPO Tenders

Allows different bidders to provide competitive quotations for products and services, among which the best will be selected.

Procurement Methods

What is “Direct Procurement Method” in Kenya?

Usually the least preferred method as it sets aside the rules that ensure there’s competition among the suppliers. Only used under exceptional circumstances.

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Is Low-value Procurement Method Friendly for SMEs?

Useful when a public procuring entity needs to purchase low-value items that are not frequently procured and are not covered in a framework agreement.

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How to Respond to a Two-Stage Procurement Tender

The submission of the technical and financial proposals happens in 2 different stages and at completely separate times as opposed to the same time.

Procurement Methods

Here’s what you need to do to access Restricted Tenders

A competitive procurement method that limits requests for tenders to suppliers, contractors or service providers already shortlisted by a procuring entity.

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Design Competition as a Procurement Method

For obtaining competitive tenders for services which are creative in nature and which require that part of the services be carried as part of the tender.

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Why Open Tenders are highly popular

Open tenders have no allocated minimum expenditure amount whereas the maximum is determined by the budget allocated for the particular procurement. 

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Do Not Submit Expired Tender Documents!

Renewable business documents tend to be tricky to keep track of and, at times, bidders tend to discover they are using expired tender documents too late in the tendering process.

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The Dos and Don’ts of Participating in Public Procurement

To DO or NOT to do? Here’s a list of some of the important things that you, as a tendering entity, needs to be cognizant of as you engage in public tendering.

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Commonly used words in Tenders Reserved for AGPO

AGPO gives MSMEs an opportunity to do tenders with government. This means there is a need to learn new common procurement words and phrases that are being used.


Getting Started with Public Procurement in Kenya

Despite the considerable impact that public procurement has on the country’s GDP, many SMEs and entrepreneurs struggle to understand the foundation of how this sector actually works.

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What it takes to bid for government tenders in Kenya

The first question you need to ask yourself before starting to bid for government tenders in Kenya is, “Am I legally eligible to bid for tenders?”

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Fill in, Sign and Stamp Your Tender Documents!

Can you imagine losing a tender worth millions just because you didn’t stamp or sign the tender documents as requested in the mandatory requirements?

List of All Insurance Firms Approved as Tender Security Providers In Kenya (updated July 2020)

Bid securities should be from a reputable bank, insurance company (approved by PPRA) or in the form of cash or letter of credit. Here is the latest list of all approved tender/bid security providers as provided by PPRA.

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Market Price Index – A key component in your Tender Pricing Strategy

If you use the MPI as your guide while tendering for supply of goods, you are less likely to under-price yourself to a loss neither will you overprice yourself out of the tender.


The Case of the Missing Mandatory Tender Documents

Every tender specifies the mandatory, technical as well as financial documents that you are required to submit in order to qualify to win. Section 79 of the Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Act defines this as “Responsiveness of tenders.”

Why Serialization Matters During Tender Submissions

Serialisation is one of those pesky mandatory requirements in every tender document. But it is also the reason most businesses have lost the opportunity to win tenders.

A Letter From Us, The Scale Team

2019 was a difficult year for most businesses in Kenya. Doing business has always been difficult and especially so for SMEs… As we begin 2020, we have been hard at work building a solution that will be integral to your success this year.

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Don’t Gamble With Your Chance To Win Tenders – Price It Right!

All seasoned entrepreneurs understand that it takes a mix of experience, research and, at many times, outright gut feeling to know whether the cost you have put in your bid proposal gives you the best chance of winning the job.

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Why an AGPO Certificate Is Important For Your Business

Over KSh 300B worth of GoK tenders set aside every year for AGPO, here how to starting participating for a share of these funds.

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How to Start Winning Government Tenders in Kenya

As a Kenyan entrepreneur, you now have the ability to start tipping this balance in your favor by using technology to fully streamline your entire tender management and response preparation process.

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Disrupting Public Procurement Processes in Kenya

Public procurement entities require transparency, accountability, accessibility, and fairness but let’s face it, we know achieving all of this through a manual process is an uphill task.


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Connect and work with verified Suppliers and trusted Buyers on the same platform

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