Procurement Methods:

The process of acquisition of goods, works or services by a procuring entity.

Is Electronic Reverse Auction a transparent and fair process?

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Saves time through reduced negotiation times as a set auction date increases the bidder’s ability to meet the procurement deadlines.

Making Framework Agreements Agreeable to Public Entities

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Utilized where the public entity requires goods, works or non-consultancy services but is not able to determine the exact quantities required at the time of entering into the agreement.

How ‘Force Account’ is used as a Procurement Method

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Getting work done by a public entity or semi-autonomous government agency using its own personnel & equipment (or hired labour).

Request for Quotation is widely used for AGPO Tenders

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Allows different bidders to provide competitive quotations for products and services, among which the best will be selected.

What is “Direct Procurement Method” in Kenya?

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Usually the least preferred method as it sets aside the rules that ensure there’s competition among the suppliers. Only used under exceptional circumstances.

Is Low-value Procurement Method Friendly for SMEs?

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Useful when a public procuring entity needs to purchase low-value items that are not frequently procured and are not covered in a framework agreement.

How to Respond to a Two-Stage Procurement Tender

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The submission of the technical and financial proposals happens in 2 different stages and at completely separate times as opposed to the same time.

Here’s what you need to do to access Restricted Tenders

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A competitive procurement method that limits requests for tenders to suppliers, contractors or service providers already shortlisted by a procuring entity.

Design Competition as a Procurement Method

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For obtaining competitive tenders for services which are creative in nature and which require that part of the services be carried as part of the tender.

Why Open Tenders are highly popular

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Open tenders have no allocated minimum expenditure amount whereas the maximum is determined by the budget allocated for the particular procurement.