Procurement Methods:

The process of acquisition of goods, works or services by a procuring entity.

Community Participation as a Procurement Method

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May involve either direct community participation or organized community participation through the appointment of community based service providers.

Is Electronic Reverse Auction a transparent and fair process?

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Saves time through reduced negotiation times as a set auction date increases the bidder’s ability to meet the procurement deadlines.

Making Framework Agreements Agreeable to Public Entities

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Utilized where the public entity requires goods, works or non-consultancy services but is not able to determine the exact quantities required at the time of entering into the agreement.

How ‘Force Account’ is used as a Procurement Method

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Getting work done by a public entity or semi-autonomous government agency using its own personnel & equipment (or hired labour).

Request for Quotation is widely used for AGPO Tenders

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Allows different bidders to provide competitive quotations for products and services, among which the best will be selected.

What is “Direct Procurement Method” in Kenya?

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Usually the least preferred method as it sets aside the rules that ensure there’s competition among the suppliers. Only used under exceptional circumstances.

Is Low-value Procurement Method Friendly for SMEs?

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Useful when a public procuring entity needs to purchase low-value items that are not frequently procured and are not covered in a framework agreement.

How to Respond to a Two-Stage Procurement Tender

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The submission of the technical and financial proposals happens in 2 different stages and at completely separate times as opposed to the same time.

Here’s what you need to do to access Restricted Tenders

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A competitive procurement method that limits requests for tenders to suppliers, contractors or service providers already shortlisted by a procuring entity.

Design Competition as a Procurement Method

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For obtaining competitive tenders for services which are creative in nature and which require that part of the services be carried as part of the tender.