Common Tendering Mistakes:

Insights into the common mistakes that businesses make during tendering.

Do Not Submit Expired Tender Documents!

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Renewable business documents tend to be tricky to keep track of and, at times, bidders tend to discover they are using expired tender documents too late in the tendering process.

Fill in, Sign and Stamp Your Tender Documents!

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Can you imagine losing a tender worth millions just because you didn’t stamp or sign the tender documents as requested in the mandatory requirements?

The Case of the Missing Mandatory Tender Documents

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Every tender specifies the mandatory, technical as well as financial documents that you are required to submit in order to qualify to win. Section 79 of the Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Act defines this as “Responsiveness of tenders.”

Why Serialization Matters During Tender Submissions

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Serialisation is one of those pesky mandatory requirements in every tender document. But it is also the reason most businesses have lost the opportunity to win tenders.