Scale’s Latest Product Updates: Transforming Procurement Efficiency

As today’s business landscape evolves, procurement officers are constantly seeking ways to streamline their processes, drive efficiency, and achieve better outcomes. With the latest updates on Scale, procurement officers now have access to a suite of powerful tools designed to enhance their capabilities and maximize their impact. Let’s explore each

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Unlocking Trust: Transforming Buyer-Supplier Dynamics with Scale’s e-Procurement Solution

The bedrock of successful business partnerships lies in the trust shared between buyers and suppliers of goods and services. Yet, amidst the intricate dance between buyers and suppliers, cultivating and preserving this trust often proves elusive. This is where Scale steps in, offering a transformational e-procurement SaaS solution poised to

Mastering Scale: A Comprehensive Guide to Company Settings Module

Welcome to Scale’s Company Settings tutorial! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take you through the essential steps of configuring your company settings to ensure seamless and efficient procurement processes. Let’s dive right in! Company Information Setup: Begin by inputting crucial details about your organization, including its name, business registration number,

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Overcome Supplier Relationship Management Challenges with Scale

In the dynamic landscape of procurement, where every facet of the supply chain is crucial, nurturing strong supplier relationships stands as a cornerstone for success. However, despite the importance of these relationships, the procurement industry in Kenya and across the continent faces significant challenges in maintaining and cultivating them. Challenges

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Streamline Your Procurement Process with Scale: A Buyer’s Guide

Welcome aboard to Scale! We’re excited to have you join our community of forward-thinking buyers dedicated to enhancing procurement processes. At Scale, we understand the challenges that come with managing procurement, which is why we’ve designed our platform to empower you to streamline your procurement processes efficiently. As you embark

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Unlocking Success: Join Scale to Build Trust with Buyers

In a world where trust is the foundation of prosperous business relationships, Scale emerges as the ultimate ally, offering a platform where reliability, transparency, and credibility reign supreme. At the core of Scale’s ethos lies a profound commitment to nurturing trust, transforming it from a mere concept into a tangible

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Publishing Tenders on Scale: A Comprehensive Guide.

Are you looking to optimize your procurement process for efficiency and precision? Look no further than Scale, your trusted partner in procurement excellence. With our intuitive platform and user-friendly features, you can navigate every step of the procurement lifecycle with ease. Let’s dive into the comprehensive guide on how to

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Fortifying Trust: Scale’s Commitment to Data Protection in Procurement

Data protection means your procurement data on Scale is shielded from unauthorized access or any potential breaches

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1 Year of Procurement Disruption; New Flexible Pricing for All Organizations!

Our very first version of Scale Procure went live exactly a year ago – marking our first forey towards procurement disruption in Africa!

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Procurement Analytics: Making Data-Driven Business Decisions

Companies that prioritize procurement analytics in decision-making achieve tangible ROI improvements that positively impact the bottom line

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e-Sourcing for Trusted Suppliers you can work with

An effective way to find and onboard trusted suppliers who meet your business needs and helps in achieving the company’s sourcing goals

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Navigating Digital Procurement: 14 FAQs to Get You Started

Working on digital transformation in your organization? Here are some important FAQs on Digital Procurement to get you started…

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The Case for Digital Procurement in Organizations

Digital Procurement encompasses the entire procurement process, from sourcing and ordering to payment and contract management.

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Managing the lifecycle of RFQs, Purchase Orders & Invoices

Experience a seamless transition from evaluating Request for Quotations to managing Purchase Orders and Invoices, on a single platform

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Scale is your Best Procurement Partner this 2023 – Here’s Why!

We have highlighted just a few of the reasons why. And we are just getting started on #procurement #supplychain #supplychainfinance

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Purchase Orders, Invoices, Suppliers…plus enhanced Dashboards!

Updates on interactions with suppliers during the post-award phase including the handling of awarded bids, purchase orders and invoices.

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Management of Bids & Suppliers, plus more on our release Roadmap

Procure Updates – Making the e-procurement process much simpler with a focus on management of bids & suppliers on the platform.

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Product update: Transforming your entire Procurement Lifecycle

We have made some big changes to our platform by launching two e-procurement solutions called #Procure (for Buyers) and #Supply (for Suppliers)

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Trusted buyers and suppliers

Connect and work with verified Suppliers and trusted Buyers on the same platform

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