Procurement Analytics: Making Data-Driven Business Decisions

Companies that prioritize procurement analytics in decision-making achieve tangible ROI improvements that positively impact the bottom line

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e-Sourcing for Trusted Suppliers you can work with

An effective way to find and onboard trusted suppliers who meet your business needs and helps in achieving the company’s sourcing goals

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Navigating Digital Procurement: 14 FAQs to Get You Started

Working on digital transformation in your organization? Here are some important FAQs on Digital Procurement to get you started…

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The Case for Digital Procurement in Organizations

Digital Procurement encompasses the entire procurement process, from sourcing and ordering to payment and contract management.

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Managing the lifecycle of RFQs, Purchase Orders & Invoices

Experience a seamless transition from evaluating Request for Quotations to managing Purchase Orders and Invoices, on a single platform

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Scale is your Best Procurement Partner this 2023 – Here’s Why!

We have highlighted just a few of the reasons why. And we are just getting started on #procurement #supplychain #supplychainfinance

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Purchase Orders, Invoices, Suppliers…plus enhanced Dashboards!

Updates on interactions with suppliers during the post-award phase including the handling of awarded bids, purchase orders and invoices.

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Management of Bids & Suppliers, plus more on our release Roadmap

Procure Updates – Making the e-procurement process much simpler with a focus on management of bids & suppliers on the platform.

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Product update: Transforming your entire Procurement Lifecycle

We have made some big changes to our platform by launching two e-procurement solutions called #Procure (for Buyers) and #Supply (for Suppliers)

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