Bid With Confidence using the Newly Upgraded Scale

Our upgraded system now comes with new exciting features that enable you to Bid With Confidence and win more tenders.

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We have just launched a new, beautiful and completely redesigned Scale website for you. This latest release comes with new and upgraded Scale features and lots of technical fixes to make your experience better than ever. You can now bid with confidence.

It’s another important step in ensuring that your business has all the essential tools to thrive not only in Kenya but in the larger global economy. And yes, everyone loves a better experience. For us, this is a big update where we are bringing so many new improvements to you in one major swoop.

You wanted a dashboard that could tell you how your business is doing at a glance? Here you go! Did you want to collaborate better with your teammates? Ok then! You wanted more tenders and better precision of what is recommended? You got it too!

So without further ado, here is a highlight of the key new or upgraded Scale Features that are available to you:

1. Newly Enhanced Dashboard

new scale dashboard bid with confidence

The new Scale comes with a new and better dashboard that allows you to monitor your business’ most important metrics at a glance. With the new dashboard, you get:

  • Faster insights – all your metrics in one place.
  • Better decisions – see a summarized view of your tendering.
  • Strategic focus – gets everyone on the same page.
  • Monitor business success – track progress over time.

2. Add Businesses and Add Users

add users to scale

Everyone knows that the hustle is real in Kenya. Many of us have 2 or more businesses at any one time as we try to maximize the opportunities available. With this update, Scale now comes with the ability for you to add up to two additional Businesses on your account.

And you know what’s even better? You can add users to each of your businesses and collaborate faster when responding to tenders. Get more done!

3. Better Recommended Tenders

scale tender alerts

We seek to ensure that all the tender recommendations we show you are relevant to you and only you. To make this happen, we need you to do something for us; update the keywords section under the business settings with the specific sector and keywords in your sector.

4. Subscription Management

add business to scale

Thanks to the feedback you gave us through our pricing survey, we’ve introduced highly affordable Subscription Plans & Pricing for all our users. The Account Management section gives you the tools to access and manage your active package information, oversee how your resources are getting utilized as well as getting full transparency to your billing history.

5. More Procuring Entities, More Opportunities

This is easily one of the most critical new Scale Features that we have just launched. In order to enable you to receive more relevant and customized tender opportunities for your business, we have added the ability for you to follow any procuring entity that you have either prequalified for, have worked with before or are interested in working with in order to receive every opportunity they publish.

follow entities bid

Because we are interested in making your tendering work easier, we want to hear from you on which procuring entities you are interested in seeing on the platform and which shall ensure we publish their opportunities here. Write to us and we’ll do the rest.

Sign in to enjoy the new features and bid with confidence!

As we enter this new chapter of our Brand, we’re already looking ahead and would be more than happy to hear from you and find out which upgraded Scale features you’d like us to hop on to next – feel free to share your ideas with us via email. bid with confidence


Bid with Confidence

Start preparing your tender responses with Scale.

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Bid with Confidence

Start preparing your tender responses with Scale.

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