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The Scale Process

An end-to-end digitized process

Transform all your routine procurement and bidding into digitized processes

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Navigating Digital Procurement: 14 FAQs to Get You Started

Working on digital transformation in your organization? Here are some important FAQs on Digital Procurement to get you started…

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The Case for Digital Procurement in Organizations

Digital Procurement encompasses the entire procurement process, from sourcing and ordering to payment and contract management.

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Managing Supplier Price Lists and the System Improvements You Suggested

We have made it easier for your company to directly procure from trusted businesses using pre-negotiated Supplier Price Lists.

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Procurement

The inclusion in procurement of women-owned businesses can create a domino effect in empowerment, job creation & social growth stimulation.


Sourcing and Suppliers Relationship Management in Africa

Experience reduced risks, improved responsiveness, reduced costs & increased compliance when sourcing for suppliers in Africa.

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