Securing your Data

Where is the uploaded data stored or managed?

Scale stores all data and information uploaded to the platform in a secure cloud storage facility provided by Amazon Web Services LLC. AWS is a trusted and award-winning IaaS solution that is highly flexible and reliable in terms of security, uptime and redundancy.

Based on this, Scale is able to provide you access to your data anywhere, at any time, on nearly any device with continuous monitoring and visibility for all data interactions to ensure your account is always secure.

How safe is the information that is uploaded on Scale?

All your files/documents and other information uploaded to Scale as well as any temporary files that the platform creates are always permanently encrypted during storage and transmission.

Your files remain private unless you share them.

Who owns the data/information that is upload onto Scale?

Scale does own any of your content, including any text, data, information, and files that you upload, share, or store in your Scale account.

What our Terms of Use enable us to do is use data to provide the functionalities that you require as well as keep making your experience better by providing the tools and services for your digitized tender management.

If an Account is deleted, what happens to the User's document and/or information?

The action of deleting a document or editing your account information is irreversible for the User. Should you choose to delete a document that you have uploaded or a tender application that is in progress, this data will be permanently removed from the system.

For purposes of analytics, reporting and future feature recommendations, Scale will keep records of the metadata associated with the deleted data.

Can anyone else access a User's account or their tender responses?

No. Ensuring the safety and security of your information is central to our business. We ensure there is full encryption of your information whenever you login or logout. This extra layer of security is designed to ensure no interception or manipulation happens during the data transfer from your browser to our servers. 

Please remember NOT to share your password with any other person. 

When a User uploads a tender to their own Account, will the documents also be accessible by other Scale users?
No. Any tender you upload privately within your own account will only be accessible to you and your team members to whom you have given access to the particular business that is applying for that tender.

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