Free Trial and Billing

Do I need to pay to use Scale?

At the moment, Scale is accessible for FREE to Early Access Users who register within the ongoing Beta Phase only.

After the Beta Phase, we will introduce friendly-priced packages that are highly responsive to the needs and size of your business/team. All users will be well notified in advance ahead of the introduction of the pricing and packages to avoid any disruption to business.

In keeping our pledge of opening up opportunities for all business, there will always be a free version of Scale that is available for our users.

What does Early Access mean?
Early Access is an exclusive invitation for users who registered to be on our Waitlist. The users will get full access to start using Scale for a period of 3 months before it's made public. Early Access users can only gain early access through a customized non-transferable invitation email sent to their inbox.
How long is the FREE Trial?

The FREE Trial is activated once you sign into Scale giving you access to enjoy all available Scale features and services. For the duration of the Beta phase, the Free Trial is for a period of TWO Months Only.

Do I need to add my card details to access the FREE trial period?
No. Once you sign up and verify your details on Scale, you will have automatically activated your FREE trial period and can begin applying for tenders.
How will I know when my FREE trial is about to end?
You will receive a notification on email and a message in your profile inbox with details of your FREE Trial and corresponding dates/time. You will also receive details on how you can upgrade to a subscription package of your choice to continue enjoying the convenience of using Scale for your business.
What happens when my FREE trial is over?
You will be required to choose a subscription package that suits your business needs from the options below. It will also be important to add your preferred payment details to ensure that you get uninterrupted access to Scale.
Can I access all the features during the FREE trial period?
Yes. You are able to fully access Scale’s tools and services that are publicly available.
When can I redeem my additional rewards?
If you receive any additional rewards, you will be notified via email and be required to redeem your reward(s) once your FREE trial period ends. Rewards are NOT transferable and can only be utilized after the FREE trial is over unless otherwise stated.

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