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Free discovery and access to tenders opportunities

Receive FREE automated and timely notifications of tender opportunities that are relevant to your business from Governments, the Private sector and NGOs. If there's a tender out there for your business, we will find it and deliver it straight to your inbox.

Follow Entities and Get Alerts

Manage your Subscription plan on Scale
The Account Management section gives you the tools to access and manage your active package information, oversee how your resources are getting utilized as well as getting full transparency to your billing history.
Store and organize business documents used in tendering

Safely and securely store, organize and manage all your required tender application documents ensuring you are always up to 80% ready to apply for any tender at any given time. Scale provides an exhaustive list of all the common tender documents that you can ever be asked for and where to get them.

Upload and Organize Documents

Reminders/notifications on submission deadlines and document renewals

Receive reminders and notifications on tender opportunities that are suited to your business, any upcoming submission deadlines, a heads up on any document that needs to be renewed and many more. 

Renewal Alerts

Upload a tender document and apply for it using Scale

The tenders are applied for are not only limited to what you find on Scale. You can upload your privately acquired tender documents and digitally prepare the proposal using all of the tools available to you on Scale.

Remember, any tender you upload to your Scale Account will remain only accessible to you. 

Digitized tender proposal preparation process

Easily apply for tenders using Scale as we guide you through the process, ensuring you receive helpful tips to help you submit more accurate tender responses making certain you get it right every time. Most importantly, save time when writing tender applications by quickly compiling your tender submissions end-to-end without ever leaving your Scale Account - a first of its kind!

This is how you do it: 

  • Tender response checklists - Scale ensures you never make common tendering mistakes by providing you with a checklist tool to keep track of all the required mandatory, technical and financial documents.
    Digital Checklists
  • Merging and serialization - Organize your documents as you like through our Drag and Drop feature, to serialize it as required and merge your tender responses, all with the click of a button.
    Merge, Serialize and Export
  • Tender review, verification and issue tracking - Review and verify documents and also highlights any issues with your tender response documents to ensure your submission is always accurate and consistent.
    Review & Verify Application
Tracking tender applications and business performance

Track, analyse and improve your business performance over time by keeping a detailed digital record of your business development and bidding efforts. Scale provides reports and analytics on various important metrics that are highly important for your business. 

Find Tenders

Manage multiple businesses from one Scale account

We all know that the hustle is real in Kenya. Many of us have 2 or more businesses at any one time as we try to maximize the opportunities available. Scale comes with the ability for you to add up to two (2) additional businesses to your Account. This means you can now manage all your tendering for your various businesses from one location and easily assign your staff responsibilities on each. 

Set Up Additional Businesses

Collaborate with team members in preparing tender responses

Working alone or together to get more done, Scale ensures you easily collaborate on creating tender responses with your own team members. You can add users to each of your businesses and collaborate faster when responding to tenders. 

Add Users To Specific Businesses

Follow Procuring Entities to get customized tender opportunities

To enable you to receive more relevant and customized tender opportunities for your business, we have added a new feature that enables you to follow any procuring entity that you have either prequalified for, have worked with before or are interested in working with in order to receive every opportunity they publish. 

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