Scale Features and Resources

Discover Opportunities
Receive FREE automated and timely notifications of tender opportunities that are relevant to your business. If there's a tender out there for your business, we will find it and deliver it straight to your inbox.
Store & Manage Business Documents
Digitally manage and organize all your tender application documents ensuring you are always upto 80% ready to apply for any tender at any given time. Scale provides an exhaustive list of all the common tender documents that you can ever be asked for and where to get them.
Digitized Tender Application
Easily apply for tenders using Scale as we guide you through the process, ensuring your receive helpful tips to help you submit more accurate tender responses making certain you get it right every time. Additionally, save time writing tender applications by quickly compiling your tender submissions end-to-end without ever leaving your Scale Account.
Team Collaboration
Working alone or together to get more done, Scale ensures you easily collaborate on creating tender responses with your own team members or do JVs (Joint Ventures) with other companies to bid on bigger jobs.
Track Performance
Track, analyse and improve your business performance over time by keeping a detailed digital record of your business development and bidding efforts. Scale provides reports and analytics on various important metrics that are highly important for your business.

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