About Scale

What is Scale?
Scale is an online tender application and management platform that gives entrepreneurs and business development teams the tools to streamline their entire tender preparation process.
How do I benefit from joining Scale?

Scale is all about making your tender application process fresh, friendly and effortless by:

  • Getting rid of the heaps of paperwork through uploading and digitizing your tender documents.
  • Making sure you never miss a tender opportunity by getting FREE notifications for all tenders relevant to your business.
  • Ensuring you don’t make common tendering mistakes by pointing out what matters the most in each tender you are applying for.
  • Helping you make certain that all your tenders responses are accurate and consistent so that your next tender submission is always better than your previous submission.
  • Boosting your capacity to apply for multiple tenders and increasing your chances of winning.
What Can I Do With Scale?
  • Discover opportunities for your business using our Advanced Search tools to filter through our extensive and FREE listing of public sector tenders.
  • Organize and store all your tender related business documents in our secure online Document Management system.
  • Ensure you identify and arrange all the required tender response documents in the right order using the Tender Checklist.
  • Receive timely alerts and notifications whenever any of your documents are about to expire through the Document Alerts system.
  • Manage all your tendering efforts through our single Tender Applications Dashboard by uploading any tender documents you have from outside Scale.
  • Build your tendering capacity, discover business efficiency and other SME best practices by learning through our Help Center and Blog sections.
How easy is it to use Scale?
Scale has been built with you, the Kenyan entrepreneur, in mind. The system ensures you can easily navigate through the platform as you receive helpful tips throughout your tender application process.
Can I use Scale on my Mobile Phone?

Throughout the Beta (Early Release) phase, we have done our best to ensure Scale can be fully utilized across all different mobile devices using your normal browser. We are continuously testing and improving the platform to ensure you always have a seamless experience.

We also have a mobile app (Android and iOS) in development. This will be made available at a later date.

Scale’s support throughout the tender application process.
As you go through every section of the tender, Scale provides helpful tips to enable you submit accurate tender responses by explaining the small details that could potentially lead to errors. You will also receive a deadline notification and email that informs you when the deadline for every tender that you are working on is approaching.
Does Scale evaluate tender applications?
No. We do not evaluate tender applications on behalf of procuring entities and are not, in any way, involved in the evaluation, scoring or awarding process outside the Scale platform. Scale is currently only designed to digitize the tender preparation process for a tendering entity.
By using Scale, am I guaranteed to win all my tenders?

While we do our best to ensure you are ready to apply for a tender at any given time, we cannot commit to eliminating all possible systems, process and/or human errors.

By using Scale, you are guaranteed the tools needed to ensure your next tender submission is always better than the previous one. We will equip you to ensure you are continuously learning and building the capacity to apply for more tenders and increase your chances of winning.

Is Scale affiliated with the Government and/or public procuring entities?
Scale is owned and developed by an independent, privately-owned Kenyan company. Both the company and the Scale brand have no direct ownership or administrative affiliation with the Kenya Government and/or the public procuring entities.

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