A Statement on COVID-19

Cognisant ​ that ​ the COVID-19 Pandemic is an unprecedented global health crisis and consequently an economic crisis that has manifested locally; and that we are all grappling with the disruptions that it has caused in how we do business; and conscious that we must all contend with this pandemic until such time that a vaccine is developed; each and every one of us recognises our​ shared duty to make the best of the situation for our families, our employees, our shareholders and our nations.

Acknowledging that every business has been gravely affected by the challenges arising from COVID-19 be they; declining productivity due to restricted working hours, limited movement of people and closing down of physical offices, reduced business opportunities from slowed down economic activities, loss of jobs and reduced income and revenue forecasts; it is imperative that we innovate and find ways to keep going lest these challenges become a permanent feature in our lives.

Appreciating the increased demand for online work tools and digital channels, we sought how best we can sustain the health of Kenyans and economic wellbeing of MSMEs by helping reduce the spread and economic impact of COVID-19.

To this end, we have expedited the launch of Scale, a digital bid preparation platform that will enable businesses to continue to take advantage of procurement opportunities without the risks associated with COVID-19 and without the costs associated with traditional bid preparation processes. Through Scale, we are empowering businesses to work remotely with the aim of ensuring that MSMEs not only survive but also thrive during this pandemic.

To better support your business during this pandemic, we are giving you access to Scale for 2 months free to ensure that you don’t miss any tender opportunities.

Get started on Scale today let’s get through this together.

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